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April Special

Unwarranted Abduction

Another mystery thriller from author Leah Diehl. Here is an exerpt

When Diane Montgomery, the First Lady of the State of Maryland, is kidnapped in front of her two young daughters, all other cases are put on hold, pulling the local police department, the FBI, and Homeland Security together as a cohesive team. It's a priority to find Diane and bring her home to her family. To make matters worse, people all around who are involved in the case are being found murdered as a warning to the investigators: the abductors mean business, and they will destroy anyone who crosses them.

Meanwhile, Diane's sister, Anna, senses that Diane is still alive and will do anything to find her. Anna battles the furies of Mother Nature as Hurricane Kelsie bears down on the East Coast-and Maryland goes into lockdown and issues a state of emergency. It seems, however, that the answer to the mystery behind Diane's abduction may be closer than anyone can imagine. Buy Now!

Miles of Deception

Miles of Deception, a mystery thriller from author Leah Diehl. Here is an exerpt:

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